Liaoning Mec Group Co., Limited

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birch wooden ice cream stick

Liaoning Mec Group C., Ltd

Since being founded in 1994, Liaoning Mec Group Co., Ltd possesses offered the highest good quality solid wood products, using merely A Class white birch wood. Looking for become Typically the Premier Supplier from the glaciers cream industry, food assistance industry, craft industry along with paint industry.

birch wooden ice cream stick

We present numerous types of wooden products this sort of as some yummy ice cream sticks, snow cream spoons, taster spoons, coffee stirrers, art supports, paint paddles, putting wax on stands and popsicle stays.

Each of our products are meticulously constructed with 100% white birch wood and are generated in a ISO 9001 Registered Ability. Our solid wood products are just the thing for natural environment. Our products are involving such high-quality, that many of us get exported to far more than 30th countries.


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